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26 January 2010 @ 05:39 pm
It's weird.Very weird.It took me a month to forget everything has been going around me.It seemed as if that it happened a few years ago.I tried forgeting him that I've liked and loved him before.Eventhough I've kept on looking at his profile,I will never forget the touch he left eventhough he never did. The shock and the stop he caused really did left a big effect on me but I've moved on.It's true that his looks are attractive but I just realised that attractive looks are just an illution that can cause us pain deep in us as the time goes.Sometimes when I think back,it reflect s of the person I hate the most or rather the...i can't say it out for my prescious lady told me to do so.What ever also,he's the person I hate the most, second is Harry and third is him.Well, life must go on. I made a promise i won't find any for another 6 years time but just have to wait and see. Well,i'm starting to lose my weight....Advises were given.I felt touch but then it's stil fine you know.Time goes fast.As if it was yesterday was new year.May be i'm wasting too much time on my work.I had arguments with my mom for a few things but then I stil love her....There are a few things for me to deal with...I just have to wait...
30 November 2009 @ 11:25 am
i am not sure about what i need to be sure of...it's making my mind so complicated that i really feel like chopping it off but then the feelings is so strong that really need to shun it away.....No one can understand how I feel especially the person but he wouldn't get it for he never was close with me.All he's interested is with his macho friends and trying have girls around but what can i do? I want to let him go from deep down in my heart but it's just that the heart is so small and it never wants to allow me to go...What am I suppose to do? JUmp of the cliff? Even if I want to,nothing much I can do for he doesn't know it. I feel like telling him how I feel but i'm afraid....not that afraid to tell him that I like him a lot but afraid that he'll reject and shun me from his life even as a friend. I know that i'm doing a big mistake by not telling him but it's the only way I can keep up my friendship with him eventhough we're not that close.Honestly i didn't realise that i've stareted to like him until the day when i kaap on geeting excited seeing him and my heart pumps at a fast speed when I see him. But when I know the percentage of both of us is just a lil more than half,it's breaking my heart for both of us are stubborn headed. No one can give up for each other. Besides,he's a bossy kind and my friend said so but in reality he isn't and i can't seemed to accept it.It's badly eking deeply inside me. Sometimes what he does shows he likes me but sometimes what he does doesn't. That means is he treating me as a friend or what?No one can answer that.But now,everything is going to end. I won't be seeing him anymore after the and of this week.May be its just an affectio i pressume and nothing much I can do.;All I need to do is let it go.Let my feelings fly away as it can...All I have to do now is concentrate in my work and studies...Gambateh to me...